Quick note – I’ve just finished a turn as Overseer in the latest Something Awful Dwarf Fortress Let’s Play. It’s quite exciting to be following in the footsteps of the likes of Boatmurdered. You can read the whole thread here – which you should – or just start my year here. It’s a tale of drawbridges, catastrophes and quite startling incompetence.

Meanwhile, Le_Squide is taken by a powerful psychic premonition, he says. He’s our baron now, he says. How the fuck does he know that, I says, we’re under siege from a small army of goblins so no messengers can get through and what’s more, he’s a militiadwarf what still can’t even find his own damn battle axe. It’s a noble thing, he says. You wouldn’t understand, he says. Also, if I wouldn’t mind sorting out some more suitable quarters for him now…
Sure. You betcha, Your Baronship. I’ll get right on that. Any day now.