Lorequest World

A story about people who live on the internet

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Title ScreenEvery video game has its fans, its passionate defenders. For a certain kind of player, there’s always that one series that changed your life. The one that makes you desperately want to find a message board with as many other like-minded players as possible, so you can talk about it forever. Because finally, finally someone gets it. Someone else knows what you’re talking about.

Still, though, I mean… there’s only so much to talk about, isn’t there? Once all the fan fiction is written and the walkthroughs are published and the magazine scans have been pored over, you start to run out of things to say to each other. So eventually people drift away, and conversations go off-topic, and activity settles down. But sometimes a handful of people stick around. Just a few, lingering in a place that’s not quite dead.

Promo smallThe web is full of forums like these, and Lorequest World is one of them. Ask the last few users why they’re still here, and they probably couldn’t tell you. But now somebody wants the site shut down, so if they want to stay, they’d better find a reason fast.

And what the hell is this guy’s problem, anyway? Who cares about a tiny little message board tucked away in some forgotten corner of the internet? Why on earth would they want to shut it down this badly? And how do they know so much about everyone there?

Lorequest World is a digital novella about people who live on the internet. It’s a story about the things we share online, the things we hide from each other, and the communities we build.

Written by Simon Hodkinson

Illustrated by Mikey Hodkinson

Tablet or PC reading recommended: When you download Lorequest World, you’ll get a full-colour PDF file designed for screen reading. I don’t recommend trying to read it on your smartphone or e-ink reader, because their screens will probably be too small to handle the layout – and a black-and-white display definitely won’t handle the images well. Try it on something with a largish colour screen and a decent image resolution – it’s worth it, I promise.


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